Surround the State in Song 2020

is CANCELLED due to COVID constraints

We will see you in 2021!

The North Dakota chapter of American Choral Directors Association will sponsor children’s choral festivals in seven ND locations April 10, 2021!  Each general music teacher or choral director is invited to select up to ten of his or her best 5th/6th grade singers to participate. (All participants must be able to match pitch and sing in tune. In addition, please select singers who have the rehearsal behavior skills to manage an entire day of music-making!) If space is available after the registration deadline, additional students may be allowed to participate. Please contact the site manager if you are hoping to send additional singers. 


It will be each teacher’s responsibility to order festival music packets for each participant. (You may ask for the ND-ACDA “Surround the State” Packet from J.W. Pepper or Popplers.)  Please assign your students to the parts as equally as possible in order to help create a balanced ensemble. Students are expected to arrive at the festival “knowing” the music (pitches and rhythms down pat!) so that festival day can be spent on the more exciting and satisfying aspects of choral performance!  Rehearsal tracks will soon be available via the buton above!

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